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Re-Purposed Christmas Tree Stand

I am so in love with vintage & antiques, that I am always looking for new ways to use them in the house.

Here are some unique ideas for tree stands. I have some many galvanized tubs just for this purpose! and they look amazing!


What are some unique items you use for your Christmas Tree Stand?


Until next time.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy








Simple Holiday Table Centerpiece

The Holidays are around the corner and you’re wondering how you should decorate the dinning room table. We have put together some simple, yet beautiful centerpieces that you can put together quickly!!



We all have those not so attractive vases, well no longer do they have to be unattractive!! This is beautiful and simple to put together!!



Have an awesome day!

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy


Beautiful Vintage Window Wedding Photo

There are so many creative ways to use old windows. Recently I shared how a bride created a window for her families established date.

Today I am sharing a beautiful wedding photo in an old window. This is just stunning!


Have an awesome day!

Nancie & Winston

Old Wheelbarrow Water Fountain

Earlier we shared an awesome cactus garden created in an old wheelbarrow. Look at this amazing wheelbarrow water fountain! So adorable and creative!!


Repurposed wheelbarrow water fountain

Have an awesome day!

Nancie & Winston

Old Wheelbarrows

hmmm, yes we have old wheelbarrows and you ask yourself, what in the world do people do with them??

Wheelbarrow with mixed planting of gasterias and haworthias.


I have several wheelbarrows at the store to choose from and I am definitely going to make me one of these this summer. Maybe I’ll make one to sell and one to keep!!


Check back soon, as I have more wheelbarrow ideas to share!

Nancie & Winston

New Ideas for Old Windows

I have talked to many young ladies looking for windows to use at their wedding, and they always have awesome & creative ideas.

Here is an awesome idea for the new bride as a wedding gift, or even as an anniversary gift! How about a new baby?? The possibilities are endless!



Window with photo and vinyl


Have an awesome day! More soon, and we would love to see how you have used old windows!

Nancie & Winston

Old License Plate Key Rack

Have you ever wondered what people do with things you might see in an antique store? Wondered why in the world would someone buy an old license plate?

How adorable and original is this key rack? and looks super easy to make.


Vintage Retro License Plate Key Hooks  - American Mini Bicycle Cereal Number Plates


Have an awesome day and we’ll see you soon with more awesome inspiration!

Nancie & Winston

Creative Indoor Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are so pretty, a great way to add to color and fragrance to your home. How convenient is it just snip a few herbs while cooking dinner!

Below are some creative containers to plant your herbs and plants in.

I love this idea of using veggie cans. Cheap, yet look so cute on the table or in the window! If you don’t like the tin color, these would be easy to spray paint and add more color!

And who doesn’t love mason jars? I can’t decide which is my favorite!


For those of you that like your containers to be a little more girly. This is for you! So sweet and delicate!

We would love to see your container herb garden!

Have an awesome day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Winston



Creative Tea Cups

I love to share creative ideas and different ways to use the items found in the store. I wished I had more time to be this creative!!

Today we’re talking about tea cups. So small and delicate, but yet so beautiful!!

What better way to use Grandma’s tea cups and keep them close to you?

This is such a sweet idea for a lamp. Pinterest has many more lamps made out of tea cups.


I just love this candelabra made into a candle holder / plant stand. The colors are beautiful and can you image this on your dessert table?


There are no words for these bracelets, except creative and stunning!! Who would have thought?


Have an awesome day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Winston

Creative Succulent Containers

Oh, my word, look at this cream & sugar set. Cream & sugar sets used to sell like hot cakes a few years back.

I have this exact cream & sugar set. I may have to try this.


This one is for the tea cup & saucer or tea pot collector! Create your own fairy garden!


You say, “we live in Colorado, where am I going to find some driftwood?” Guess what, we have 3 amazing pieces, different sizes and shapes! This is sweet.

Have an awesome day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Winston