Healthy Eating Update

Some of you know that I and the family has started Slim Genics. I suggested their plan because they help teach you healthy eating habits, and what and when to eat the right foods.

We have been on the plan since 5/15/13, and hubby has lost 30 lbs already, John has lost 10+, and I have also lost 10+.

One of the biggest adjustments for me has been to eat breakfast before I leave the house, eating fresh veggies, and drinking lots of water. I have told hubby for years that this weight thing is mental and boy am I right. All I can think about is the food that I love and can not eat right now. I am so craving Mexican food, pasta, and pizza. Even the Bushes baked beans commercials are looking good. Yep, mental, did I ever think this much about food? NOPE I did not!

I had to stop and buy a belt so that I can keep my pants up. I know too much info. Tomorrow I stop back in for an weight in and I’ll let you know how many inches I have lost.

Have a great afternoon,

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear

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