Hello and Happy January

Man it has been a while since I have updated our website/blog. I hope you’re all doing well. We are plugging away here in Colorado. We finally received a couple of good snow storms at the ranch and looking to get another couple in the next week or so.

After moving the store last year, I was totally exhausted, and the shop @ the house is full. To fix that problem I acquired another container to move to move stuff, which didn’t happen last year as it took a while to find a container for sale. This is my project for spring!

But I did get a couple of antique shows attended last year. The Idaho show was great, sold lots, and had a great time with my sister and grand daughter. Maria (gd) and I also did one in November, in Estes Park, which was a total bust. Promoter didn’t market too well, was half empty, and looked more like a craft show than an antique show.

We have applied to some new ones for this year, and getting excited about doing a little traveling. Need to find a few more to attend. I am disappointed that the one in Colorado Springs has been cancelled. We enjoyed this one last time we attended.

As many know I created an office space in the shop/pole barn we built, but my daughter is living in there with her dogs, so I recently created a new listing space in the house. Pictures to come soon as I get it a little more organized.

I have been working  daily on our Esty store and getting more smalls added. Check it out @ https://etsy.com/shop/FunkyVintiques

Check out one of my new co-workers! Say “hello” to Calico


Have an awesome day.

Nancie, Winston, Ziggy & Calico


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